i4G is a Greek-based Incubator running also a seed investment fund for tech and science startups. It is home to a vibrant community of more than 120 people, designed to create opportunities, to share knowledge and expertise, offer cross-sector business opportunities and inspire them to achieve new levels of success.

Garage 33

Garage 33 is a German incubator in which startups have the ideal infrastructure to develop their idea of start-up until it reaches maturity in the market. In addition Garage33 offers a quarter of innovation to develop disruptive business models together with young people.


Innovator is a Bulgarian social enterprise defined as the first chain of creative innovation spaces in Bulgaria, combining the typical characteristics of creative spaces and a workspace dedicated to creativity. It includes the necessary tools to develop all kinds of prototypes, from high-tech 3D printers, to classic machines such as welding and sewing machines.