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As part of the training activities designed within the Workpackage 2 - Establishing SMART Caffes, staff from partner organizations from Moldova, Armenia, Belarus and Bulgaria met at Varna Management University (VUM), which organizes and hosts this training activity, with the following participants:

A total of 25 participants, Moldova with 9 participants (3 from SAUM, 3 from ASEM, 2 from USARB, 1 from IMPULS NGO), Armenia with 6 participants (4 from YSULS, 2 from GSU) and Belarus with 6 participants (2 from MIU, 4 from BTEU). As mentioned, VUM is participating too, by coordinating the training activity (1 coordinator) and 3 trainers.

The Training Activity is structured around the 4 Teaching Modules designed by the consortium, as follows: Teaching Module 1 - Starting. Teaching Moidel 2 - Managing. Teaching Module 3 - Smarting. And Teaching Module 4 - Supporting.

The training is aimed to bring new knowledge and/or strengthen existing around the 4 topics. The Teaching Module 2 will get in depth on Communication and Conflict Management, Time Management and Planning, Creative Problems Solutions, and Risk Management.

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