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Smart talks open in Armenia

Today, June 11, the #Smarttalks activity begins. This is an initiative of the "Management" Master's Educational Program of the Brusov State University and SMART Caffe, which aims to:

1. promote and stimulate the interest of the graduates of the Brusov State University to work in enterprises, especially in the field of information technology.

2. develop the knowledge about entrepreneurship, high-information technologies, their applicability, to increase the interest of the University students towards the technological sciences.

3. explain how the graduates can become successful entrepreneurs, what functions they can perform in high-tech organizations, what knowledge and skills they need, and what steps can be taken to achieve the goals.

4. strengthen the university-employer cooperation by means of mutual contacts and discussions.

5. create a business and management platform that will facilitate mutual recognition between graduates and employers.

6. promote the development of "Management" master's educational program, in general, practical-professional skills and abilities of BSU students.

7. create opportunities for the students to implement practical placements in the partner organizations.

Within the framework of the SMART Talks, it is planned to hold meetings in the format of distance lectures with high-tech organizations and their employees, as well as with experts involved in the field of technology, who will speak on topics such as: - Information and high-tech sector, directions of its development, - Programming process management, - IT Project Management, IT - Product Management, - Quality Assurance (QA), - Digital Marketing (Digital Marketing, SEO, SMM), - Product development and design (UX / UI Design principles), - Human resource management.

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