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SMART Talks Meet Cédric Waldburger

Smart Caffes Moldova presents SMART Talks Meet Cédric Waldburger. A talk on venture capital financing for STARTUPS, Given by Cédric Waldburgue.

Cédric has been building ventures since he was 14 years old. He’s built and sold companies in the creative, consumer and blockchain space. He has a degree from ETH Zurich in Electrical Engineering and is passionate about tough riddles, great products and the future of financial technology. He believes in decluttering everything, lives with just 64 things and vlogs about his experiments in life. To learn more, make sure to subscribe to Cédric's vlog here:

Tomahawk.VC are not just Investors. They are Parallel Entrepreneurs. They have built companies themselves, think like entrepreneurs and invest their own money with a long-term approach. They invest early and up to 2M USD into global-first ventures.

The meeting will be held online via Zoom. The language of the meeting is English. Please register for the meeting here:

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