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Opening of the SMART Caffe ASEM

In ASEM, the SMART cafe was launched in December 2020 and is considered a key component of the ASEM pro-business ecosystem. The cafe can be found in the ASEM organizational chart through the Z_Lab ASEM Pro-business Education & Services Center.

The SMART cafe is both a physical space used for coworking, organizing networking events, but also a program, in which users benefit from software and hardware support, training, coaching, mentoring.

The activity of the ASEM SMART Caffe is focused on creating favorable conditions for capitalizing on the human academic potential (of students, researchers, graduates) through 2 channels:

1. Startup - services are offered at the PRE-START stage of the business;

2. Open innovation - involvement of students, researchers, graduates in problem-solving and project development for companies.

With the support of the SMART project, in ASEM were arranged 2 spaces for beginner entrepreneurs:

1. Co-working space (ASEM, Building C, Business Center, room 206)

Destination: organizing networking events, trainings, workshops and providing space for teams to work on projects.

2. Training room, equipped with multimedia equipment (Business Incubator, room 7)

Destination: organization of trainings / workshops (free and paid) focused on the development of creativity, use of digital solutions and online platforms for generating, validating and marketing ideas / products, etc.

See the organization and operation regulations of SMART Caffe ASEM:

See the SMART Caffe place in the ASEM organization chart:

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