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Online trainings, for beginner entrepreneurs organized by ASEM

During the pandemic, ASEM organized 3 SMART schools online:

  1. SMART summer school (July- August 2020). For summer school was used the option of Social learning group, offered by the social network Facebook. more than 100 people joined the group and were involved in the activities of the summer school.

See here the link to the FB group (

See the summer school program:

  1. SMART Entrepreneurship School "Crash test" (April – May, 2021). The 2nd school of beginner entrepreneurs entitled CRASH TEST was organized on the educational platform Moodle ASEM. Due to the organization of the school online, the trainings were attended by pupils, students, employees and even the unemployed from all over the country.

See the school program:

  1. SMART Entrepreneurship School "Pre START" (April – June, 2021). The 3rd school of beginner entrepreneurs was organized on the educational platform Moodle ASEM. This school was synchronized with the teaching of the curricular discipline "Enterprise Economics" in the programs Business and Business Administration, General Economics.

Link to SMART school on Moodle ASEM:

The schools included topics such as:

1. Identifying and validating the business idea

2. Business model

3. Packing the business for the market

4. Financial planning

5. Preparing for pitching

Teaching within the school was provided by both ASEM teachers and entrepreneurs. At the same time, during the schools, the participants interacted with various entrepreneurs during the mentoring sessions, but also at the SMART Talks events.

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