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Handbook Startup finances: How to project finances get funding was published online

One of the important achievements of the ASEM and USAM team within the SMART project is the handbook `Startup's finances: how to project finances & get funding`.

The paper is actually a guide, dedicated to novice entrepreneurs, which explains step-by-step how to plan finances for a future business - the most complicated problem that entrepreneurs face when they intend to attract financing.

The paper also presents the specific sources of financing for startups, being offered a series of tips on how to obtain this financing.

The paper is divided into 2 parts:

  • Part 1. Financial modeling;

  • Part 2. Startup funding.

The authors Tatiana Bucos, Elena Simciuc, Todorov Liudmila have made every effort to provide beginner entrepreneurs with a clear, easy-to-follow guide so that it is accessible to anyone, regardless of the level and profile of their education.

Link to handbook:

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