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CaseKey Business Case Competition 2021 is an entrepreneurial contest for outstanding students and young working professionals independent of their level of expertise or their professional background. CaseKey aspires to promote Armenian businesses on local and global arenas. To be able to participate in the contest, participants form groups of 3-5 people. The teams then pass coaching and training sessions, read a business case and provide a solution for the problem or the situation presented in the case. This solution is then presented to judges in the form of verbal analysis and presentation. The team proposing the best solution wins the competition.


  • Engage Armenian businesses and young talents in an active platform that fosters the exchange of resources, ideas, and expertise.

  • Enable and empower young talents to challenge themselves and sharpen their business acumen while contributing to the economic development of Armenia with whatever they can.

  • Give participants an opportunity to meet new people, get in touch with influencers from the business sector, and get an opportunity to be hired by the top company.

  • Provide an opportunity to network with executives and other people in your field as well as the chance to earn bookbragging rights and prize winnings.

  • Provide businesses with quality business consultancy from high-caliber students and working professionals.

  • Create a social impact and foster the sustainable development of the Armenian Economy. Enhance the competitiveness of Armenian business in local and international markets, through leveraging a diverse pool of talents.

“SMART Caffe” Entrepreneurship Center at Brusov State University (BSU) in an Eco-System Partner and is participating with its team with coaches comprised of the Brusov State University students and professors. The center is actively engaged in the initiative, it provides the space and the technological arsenal we need to hold the actual competition.

The center is, without a doubt, one of the greatest propagators of entrepreneurial thinking and culture in Armenia that has already taken many business ideas to fruition.

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