Argyris Spyridis

I have worked with hundreds of companies in various market sectors - SMEs and Startups - for the last twenty years. My core specialties are strategy and tactics in finance, operations, and marketing. I get to the point quickly - and make sure we stay there - until we get the job done. Growing up, I planned to become an Astronaut.


Adriane Thrash

I specialize in company vision, go-2-market, customer communication & acquisition, pitch prep, and storytelling. I have a soft spot for social impact projects, (as long as the numbers align), and I appreciate the alchemy of a correct pricing policy. In my spare time, I like to run half-marathons, drink good wine, and paint.


Andrés Abad 

He began working in the region of Murcia for NGOs on youth issues between 1989 and 2007. From 2008 to 2012 worked for the Government of the Region of Murcia as technical assistance for the European Social Fund, Axis Women´s Employement.  Between 2010 and 2015, he collaborated with another NGO, Intercultural Association La Galeria as Head of European Programmes. In 2015 he moved to Kayseri (Turkey) to become Coordinator of European Programs at the University Youth Factory Abdullah Gul. In 2016 he returned to Spain to work as International Project Manager UCAM since June 2016. Since 2004, he has been an outside expert to Agencies several European Commision and national agencies for European programs in the field of education and youth.  


Vita Zhukova

Professor in the Faculty of Legal and Business Sciences, Department of Business Administration and Management. Assistant Professor at UCAM.

Undergraduate courses (in English):

Mathematics for Business I&II (2016&2019)

Principles of Statistics (2016-2019)

Econometrics (2018-2019)

Postgraduate courses (in English)

Main Macroeconomic Trends in MBA (2016-2019)

Introduction to Research in MBA and Sport Management (2018- 2019)

Slivena Dencheva_photo (1) editado.jpg

Silvena Dencheva 

Silvena Dencheva Yordanova is an Associate Professor at Varna University of Management-Bulgaria. She has a Ph.D. in Social management.  She has more than 12 years’ experience lecturing Electronic commerce, Management, Strategic management, Organizational behavior, People and organizations, Human Resource Management both on bachelor and master level. Her monograph ”Virtual communities in tourism”, has been published in 2016. She has many publications on electronic commerce, e-business models, virtual communities. She has been an associate editor of EJTR and now is an associate editor of the Annual book of VUM and is part of the editorial board in other international scientific magazines.


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Ina Stanoeva_photo (1).jpg

Ina Stanoeva 

Assist. Prof. Ina Stanoeva is a lecturer in the field of marketing and management. She has a PhD degree in Social management, master and bachelor degrees in Management and specializations in Journalism and Pedagogy. She speaks Bulgarian, English, Italian, Russian and Spanish. She has 30 publications in the field of marketing and management of the performing arts, management of fashion and luxury companies, etc., which are published in Bulgarian and foreign scientific journals.




Roumiana Konstantinova_photo (1).jpg

Roumiana Konstantinova

Roumiana Konstantinova has been an Assistant Professor at Varna University of Management since 2009.  She has a PhD in Management from Lyon 3 University in France. Currently, she delivers classes in Research and Statistics, Marketing Research, Consumer Behaviour. She has also delivered classes in Marketing, Business Communications, Marketing Communications, Intercultural Awareness for Business. Her research interests are in the field of media economics and management.


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