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Ani Hovsepyan

Ani Hovsepyan has 10 years of experience career guidance and management, acts as career adviser/counsellor, trainer, youth worker and projects manager within the frame of various projects, initiatives locally and internationally. At present she holds the position of Career Center Specialist at the Brusov State University (BSU). She has participated in a number of national and international forums, workshops and seminars on different issues of education management, career guidance and management, education policies, entrepreneurship and innovation, labour market and employability. She participated in a number of mobility projects in various higher educational institutions, non-governmental organizations throughout Europe. With advanced academic and professional background, she has a great experience in managing different mobility projects, educational programs, as well as national and international projects (Erasmus Mundus, European Voluntary Service, Youth in Action, TEMPUS, Erasmus+ International Credit Mobility, Erasmus + Capacity Building in the Field of Higher Education, European Solidarity Corps, etc.). 
Ani Hovsepyan is a PhD researcher and Lecturer at BSU, Chair on Education Planning and Management. Her educational background was reinforced by PhD research project at the City College, the University of Sheffield International Faculty for the period of two years. 

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Robert Khachatryan

Robert Khachatryan, PhD, Associate Professor is currently chairing the Centre for Quality Assurance and Reforms at Brusov State University (BSU), as well as he is Head of the Chair on Education Management and Planning. With advanced academic and research background, he has a great experience in managing different research projects, educational programs, as well as national and international projects. He has been extensively engaged in the quality assurance and accreditation processes.  
Dr. Robert Khachatryan is involved in the Scientific Council of BSU as the Head of the Center for QA and Reforms and he also deals with the development and approval of different regulations and procedures for the effective assessment of educational and research activities and for the quality control processes at BSU.  
He constantly carries out extensive research on current educational trends, reforms, student-centered learning opportunities and developments as well as conducts benchmarking with leading universities both on the national and international levels. Mr. Khachatryan is proficient in carrying out research, demonstrating professional skills and competences. He has 11 years of experience as a lecturer, research manager, education administrator and QA expert.

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Ani Shahinyan

Ani Shahinyan graduated from Yerevan Brusov State University of Languages and Social Sciences (currently: Brusov State University (BSU)) and was granted Bachelor's Degree in Pedagogy, afterwards - Master in Public Administration (specialization: Education Management). Currently she holds PhD in Pedagogical Sciences. A. Shahinyan started her career in BSU as a head of the Center for the Implementation of Council of Europe Language Education Programs in 2011. Currently she is a senior lecturer of the Chair of Education Management and Planning and a coordinator of Quality Assurance Center at BSU.
The main scope of A. Shahinyan's academic and scientific-research interests covers management and related spheres (higher education management, quality management, strategic management, human resource management, leadership, conflict management), the field of intellectual property, etc. She has authored 13 scientific-research works.
Ani Shahinyan has participated in a number of national and international activities and programs, including TEMPUS, ERASMUS+ and TWINNING projects, conferences and trainings. The topic of her PhD dissertation was devoted to the problems of the intellectual property (copyright, in particular). A. Shahinyan is involved in the SMART project as a trainer.

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Erika Avakova

Erika Avakova (PhD, Associate Professor) is a lecturer at Brusov State University and Lomonosov Moscow State University (Yerevan Branch) with 15 years’ research and work experience both in formal (higher and school education) and non-formal (language courses) education systems. At the same time she carries out entrepreneurial activities in the field of non-formal education (Russian language online courses).
She graduated from Yerevan State Linguistic University after Brusov (Faculty of Russian Language, Literature and English) obtaining the qualification of specialist of Russian language and literature and English, teacher, philologist in the field of Russian language and literature and English, as well as post graduate studies in the field of Pedagogy and foreign language teaching (Russian language). Her research interests include digital linguistics, pedagogy, corpus linguistics, non-formal education, andragogy (adult education) etc.
Erika Avakova participated in more than thirty trainings and workshops. Within the framework of Erasmus Mundus EFFORT and Erasmus + International credit mobility she taught at the Polytechnic University of Viana do Castelo (Portugal), University of Pitesti (Romania) and the University of Verona (Italy). 
Erika Avakova also conducted a number of trainings for foreign language teachers and lecturers. She is the author of 40 scientific and scientific-methodological works. 

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Mariam Karapetyan

Mariam Karapetyan, MA, is a lecturer at Yerevan Brusov State University of Languages and Social Sciences, and a professional interpreter specializing in the spheres of socio-political and economic translations. 
Being a Brusov alumnus herself, Ms. Karapetyan is currently teaching Creative Thinking and Writing, Creative Translation and Interpretation, English Writing and Speaking Skills among other courses at the Chair of English Communication and Translation. Additionally, having had the privilege of working with international students, she continued developing her teaching methodology in Brasov, Romania, and Shenzhen, China. Back to her interpreting career, Ms. Karapetyan has interpreted for a number of high-profile representatives of the RA National Assembly and Government, Armenian National Qualification Agency, the Northern Ireland Assembly, and international organizations, including the OSCE, GIZ and WFD.

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Heghine Kharazyan

Heghine Kharazyan is a graduate of Yerevan Brusov State Linguistic University and a qualified ESL teacher and linguist. She has been working at the same University as a lecturer since 2011. Heghine has participated in a number of international programs, conferences, seminars and is the author of 9 scientific articles. In 2016-2017 in the scope of Erasmus Mundus “Effort” program she was a researcher at City College, International Faculty of the University of Sheffield in Thessaloniki. She is a certified SMART trainer.

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Siranush Ghazaryan

Siranush Ghazaryan is a lecturer at Brusov  State University in Yerevan, with 8 years’ experience in teaching various practical and theoretical courses, including the ones on the contemporary methods of teaching. The following issues are in the main scope of her professional interests: strategies for interpersonal and intercultural communication, ways of developing creative thinking, contemporary information-communication, psychological-pedagogical, interactive and game technologies, the process of the implementation of innovative ideas. Siranush Ghazaryan constantly takes part in a number of local and international trainings (including trainings of trainers) on the above-mentioned topics, as well as on the topics of the implementation of business ideas. She was a trainer in several projects, as well as a visiting professor at the University of Pitesti in Romania in the framework of a mobility programme. Siranush Ghazaryan is a member of a number of local and EU projects on higher education, is author of 7 articles and co-author of 1 manual.


Samvel Hovhannisyan

Samvel Hovhannisyan holds a Ph.D. in Economics, has a wide range of interests, and is involved in various national and international projects that support entrepreneurship development and innovation in the European Union and Armenia. 
Dr. Samvel is an Associate Professor at the Chair on Education Management and Planning within Brusov State University. He has researched and adopted innovative teaching methods that highlight the importance of students' active participation during the class, usage of modern information technologies, a combination of students' individual activities, and teamwork that foster their creative thinking and entrepreneurial mindset. 
Dr. Samvel Hovhannisyan has researched EU Eastern Partnership policies towards entrepreneurship development while working at the European Investment Bank in Operations Department for Central Asia and Eastern Partnership countries; on projects that fostered SME development and Innovation in Eastern partnership countries, on EU policies on innovativeness and European Integration Process

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Gayane Khachatryan

I am a Lecturer at the Chiar of Management and Finance, Gavar State University. In 2012, I received PhD in Economics at Armenian State University of Economics.


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Kanakara  Khachatur Hayrapetyan

Since 2011 I have worked at Gavar State University as a lecturer at the Department of Social Sciences and Academic Consultant at the Faculty of Humanities. From 2015, I am a PhD student at the Institute of History of the National Academy of Sciences and author of many scientific and methodological articles. From 2020 I am working as a Quality Assurance Spaecialist, GSU.


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Lilit Torchyan

I am Head of Foreign Relations and Media Department of Gavar State University and a Lecturer at the Chair of Foreign Languages and Literature. Coordinator of “Smart Caffe” in GSU.


Mariam Nakhratyan.jpg

Lilit Torchyan

I am a Specialist at the Department of Quality Assurance, Gavar State University, I give lectures in Biology. And also I am fond of Business and Innovation, I have gained a lot of new start-up ideas.



Marine Hovhannisyan

I am a Specialist at the Department of Quality Assurance, Gavar State University, I give lectures in Biology. And also I am fond of Business and Innovation, I have gained a lot of new start-up ideas.


Ruzanna Sargsyan.jpg

Ruzanna Sargsyan

Lecturer at the Chair of Foreign Languages and Literature, Gavar State University. Entrepreneurship and marketing lead us everywhere.


Shushan Baghdoyan.jpg

Shushan Baghdoyan

I am a Lecturer at the Chair of Informatics and Physical-Mathematical Sciences, Gavar State University. I give lectures on Informatics and the use of information technologies in business and entrepreneurship is a new level.



Siranuysh  Mkrtchyan

I am a specialist at the Department of Foreign Relation and Media in Gavar State University, Armenia. I have graduated from Yerevan Brusov State University of Languages and Social Sciences, Yerevan (Armenia). I am also a lecturer at the Chair of Foreign Languages and Literature, GSU.