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Fostering university-enterprise cooperation and entrepreneurship of students via SMART Caffes - SMART Project is part of the Strategic Capacity Building Partnerships for Higher Education Entities, within the ERASMUS + Program, more specifically to the extent of strengthening the resources of this type of entities in Eastern European countries: Armenia, Moldova and Belarus.


Coordinated by the "Alexander" Technological University of Thessaloniki (Greece) has a total of 15 entities associated with the project and will last for 26 months (from 10-15-2017 to 10-14-2020)


The first phase of the project has been dedicated to identifying good practices existing in the member countries of the EU (Spain, Greece, Bulgaria, Germany and Belgium) with respect to the finances of innovation and new companies, as well as the practice of incubating and accelerate the newly created entities. A report has been generated at the end of the investigation.


At the same time, the entities of the Eastern countries have begun to manage the acquisition of technical and real estate resources for the SMART CAFFES that will be launched in the aforementioned countries.

Likewise, a series of training courses are prepared, given by experts from the EU Universities of the project, which will be taught in 2019 to students, professors and professionals related to the topics identified in the good practices. This training, with modular character, will be taught in Bulgaria, Armenia, Belarus and Moldova.


The implementation of the SMART CAFFES will coincide with the launch of an online educational tool called SMART SEGMENTS, which can be accessed by both SMART CAFFES users and participants in the training courses.


Transversally, meetings will be held to manage and coordinate the project, as well as study visits to business incubators and start-ups. Also, a dissemination strategy that started with the launch of the project website and a series of activities in various fields and formats


The exploitation of results starts with the SMART CAFFES.

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